mexico-ufo-sighting-11-october-2014New amazing video footage of a large UFO mothership captured over Mexico City, Mexico on 11th October 2014.

Witness said:
I did monitored all night the Mexico City UFO sightings This time was very massive sightings.8.am morning the Mexico time I saw a large like the Mother ship very low distance from the buildings.Possible 100-or 150 meter from the Buildings.You can decide the size this UFO and the distance from the ground,.I did monitored from Sydney through the Mexico City Live Webcam. This webcam every minute changing the picture. This time I was lucky to capturing this large Mother ship.

New amazing UFO sighting photo recorded during a storm over Australia on 13th October 2014.


ufo-sighting-amsterdam-12-october-2014New amazing video footage of a UFO sighting recorded while hovering in the daytime sky above Amsterdam on 12th October 2014.

auckland-ufo-sighting-5-october-2014New interesting video footage of a strange UFO sighting recorded during news weather report in Auckland on 5th October 2014.

Witness said:
I was watching the weather report on tv one on 05/10/14 when they started to show Auckland through a live camera. Suddenly I saw this strange object coming from behind the cloud, getting brighter and disappearing at high speed towards the Sky Tower. It is possible to see its trail moving fast behind the tower. It happeneed in Auckland – New Zealand and I dont know what it could have been.

swansea-ufo-sighting-11-october-2014New interesting video footage of a strange triangle – shaped UFO sighting recorded in the sky above Swansea, UK on 11th October 2014.

New amazing UFO sightings photo recorded in the daytime sky above Fair Play on 4th October 2014. What do you think this was?

Witness said:
Wife & I driving on hwy I-85 westbound. Sky had multiple cloud formations. My wife held cell phone out window and was snapping shots as we rode. After about 7 shots she stopped. Nothing was viable in sky as we rode. After snapping pics we were looking at them. On the last photo we saw the 4 objects which looked like exhaust coming out of bottom. One or two previous shots showed faint blurred images which I assume we’re part of this 4 but not as close. Never saw items, only appeared in photo. After seeing these my wife and I wondered how we had pics when nothing was visable. Othere who have seen the pic are also wondering how this could be.


peru-ufo-sighting-5-october-2014New amazing video footage of an amazing green UFO light recorded in the night sky above Peru on 5th October 2014.

glowing-ufo-iss-space-nasa-11-october-2014New amazing video footage of a glowing UFO sighting recorded near ISS on 11th October 2014.

mars-ufo-evidenceThis NASA pic from Mars has to be the most amazing evidence yet to do with intelligent life on Mars, the picture is so good it had to be kept from media so the wider world have no clue this exists, only us the NASA archive searchers would get the chance of seeing the mysterious picture. Cross shaped with a circle around it, this wort be found on any rock formation on earth yet this very small cross was found on the huge Mars surface, If this is 1 find already then the likelyhood of finding more explosive evidence must be round the corner “OR” in the archives still to be found. Published on NASA’a jet propulsion laboratory the pic is one of many possible dead certs. So why did media not get hold of this? unless NASA servers know what media servers are searching and can block the press from finding such a pic.

spacing-outPolice and NORAD said they were investigating a mass UFO sighting in Colorado. But they now claim otherwise. That and other UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

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