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best-ufo-sightings-january-april-2014Poster said:
A variety of UFOs which were observed by multiple witnesses. This video shows why there is something in the sky and many believe these objects to be intelligent. UFO’s at night are the most common.Here is our choice so far in 2014 up to April.

hong-kong-ufo-13-april-2014Witness said:
I live on Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong. Yesterday evening I was looking on the Hong Kong observatory web cam on the island when I saw this object. (on the right side). It was 6.25 pm. I can’t send you the real time movie because I couldn’t save it as is a real time web cam but I took a picture during the animation.

new-albany-ohio-ufo-11-april-2014New interesting video footage of a bright UFO light recorded in the night sky above New Albany, Ohio on 11th April 2014.

Witness said:
Strange activity over the Boone area of LA. Best Part Second Half! Fast moving lights with a static amount of energy glowing from them. Confused a witness records the incident as he is aware that it isn’t normal. fiery red objects some moving slow, some moving fast and others at over 150mph! The wind sure was not blowing at that speed lol thats for sure, also if they were military flairs they would of had illuminated its smoke trail and descend! So what are they? Military playing with citizens heads or Alien visitation!

ufo-peru-april-2014The Peruvian government has re-opened it’s UFO research division in response to the large number of UFO sightings reported in the country in recent years.

dulce-base-new-mexicoWhy do so many people think there’s an underground base in Dulce, New Mexico? Join Ben and Matt as they look at the three primary sources of these claims, as well as what the skeptics and the supporters have to say.

netherlands-ufo-14-april-2014New amazing video footage of a stunning daytime UFO sighting recorded in the sky above Netherlands on 14th April 2014.

area-52The show investigates the Dugway Proving Ground, a remote military testing facility near Dugway, Utah, and examine the reports of UFO activity that has surrounded the site for the past 10 years — leading some UFO watchers to dub it “Area 52″ and “The New Area 51.”

Dugway’s mission is to test, implement US and Allied biological and chemical weapon defense systems in a secure and isolated environment. DPG also serves as a facility for US Army Reserve and US National Guard maneuver training, and US Air Force flight tests–mostly from nearby Hill Air Force Base in Ogden. DPG is controlled by the United States Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC). The area has also been used by Army special forces for training in preparation for deployments to the War in Afghanistan and alien environments, including Colombia and Mars.

In March 1968, 6,249 sheep died in Skull Valley, an area nearly thirty miles from Dugway’s testing sites. When examined, the sheep were found to have been poisoned by an organophosphate chemical. The sickening of the sheep, known as the Dugway sheep incident, coincided with several open-air tests of the nerve agent VX at Dugway. Local attention focused on the Army, which initially denied that VX had caused the deaths, instead blaming the local use of organophosphate pesticides on crops. Necropsies conducted on the dead sheep later definitively identified the presence of VX. The Army never admitted liability, but did pay the ranchers for their losses. On the official record, the claim was for 4,372 “disabled” sheep, of which about 2,150 were either killed outright by the VX exposure or were so critically injured that they needed to be euthanized on-site by veterinarians. Another 1,877 sheep were “temporarily” injured, or showed no signs of injury but were not marketable due to their potential exposure. All of the exposed sheep that survived the initial exposure were eventually euthanized by the ranchers, since even the potential for exposure had rendered the sheep permanently unsalable for either meat or wool.

The incident, coinciding with the birth of the environmental movement and anti-Vietnam War protests, created an uproar in Utah and the international community. The incident also starkly underscored the inherent unpredictability of air-dispersal of chemical warfare agents, as well as the extreme lethality of next-generation persistent nerve agents at even extremely low concentrations.

Following the public attention drawn to Area 51 in the early 1990s, UFOlogists and concerned citizens have suggested that whatever covert operations, if any, may have been underway at that location were subsequently transferred to DPG.

The Deseret News reported that Dave Rosenfeld, president of Utah UFO Hunters, stated:
” “Numerous UFOs have been stored and reported in the area in and around Dugway…[military aircraft can't account for] all the unknowns seen in the area. It might be that our star visitors are keeping an eye on Dugway too…[Dugway is] the new area 51. And probably the new military spaceport.

iss-ufo-sighting-15-april-2014UFO sightings 2014 – New amazing video footage of a bright UFO recorded from ISS webcam on 15th April 2014.

black-ring-ufo-england-april-2014New amazing video footage of a strange Black UFO ring recorded in the sky above Warwickshire, England in April 2014.

Witness said:
A schoolgirl was stunned when when she looked into the sky to see this enormous unexplained black ring. Georgina Heap, 16, was playing tennis with mum Jo when she was stopped in her tracks by the fascinating sight. Gazing into the sky, the pair saw a clearly defined black circle which looked like a giant smoke ring. The ring remained there for around three minutes before disappearing completely. The spectacle, which took place near Leamington Spa on Friday evening, has stumped officials.

ufo-sighting-by-police-officersAlan Godfrey is a retired police constable who served with the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Force. His life and career are notable for having been entangled in some of Britain’s most unusual mysteries, including the Zigmund Adamski case, allegedly connected with the UFO phenomenon. His alleged UFO encounter took place during one of the most active waves of UFO sightings in British history. He is considered by some ufologists to be one of the first alien abductees in Britain. Ufologist Jenny Randles has claimed that the Alan Godfrey case cemented the Pennines as the central hot spot of UFO activity in Britain, and possibly in all of Europe.

Within six months of discovering Adamski’s body, Godfrey was given another, seemingly less pressing, assignment. The police station had been receiving multiple calls from concerned citizens regarding a herd of cows that had allegedly been appearing and reappearing on a local council estate. On the night of November 28, 1980, Godfrey was dispatched to investigate. He was driving his car down Burnley Road when he spotted something down the way ahead of him. Thinking that it was a double-decker bus that had skidded sideways on the road, he turned on his police lights and moved in for a closer inspection. When he got within 25 yards of the object, he realized that it was not in fact on the road at all; it was hovering approximately five feet off the ground. Not knowing how to proceed, he tried calling for backup in the car radio, only to discover that it would not function. His personal radio was also “completely dead.” Godfrey recalled that the object appeared to have been emitting some kind of force capable of disrupting the trees on either side of the road, yet it made no noise whatsoever, nor could he feel any vibration in the police car. For safety reasons, he remained in the car and proceeded to sketch the object in front of him in a notepad he kept in the vehicle. He described the object as a diamond shape, with the bottom half rotating and the top sitting stationary. Soon after finishing the sketch, he reported a “jump in time”; he suddenly found himself driving the car again, approximately 20 or 30 yards past the point at which he met the object. Confused as to what had just happened, Godfrey turned the car around and inspected the area in which it had rested. He found that the road was perfectly dry where it had hovered, despite the fact that the entire area had been dampened from the rainfall that night. Despite initial scepticism, Godfrey later came to believe that he was the victim of an alien abduction.

Godfrey returned to the station to retrieve two fellow officers in an attempt to continue the search for the missing cattle. They managed to find them in a field, to which the only point of access was across a bridge and through a locked gate. There was no sign of the cattle having walked there themselves, despite the ground being wet and easily disturbed. Godfrey insisted that the only way the cows could have gotten there was for them to have simply been dropped on the spot.

Upon returning to the station, Godfrey also noticed that there was approximately 30–35 minutes “missing” for which he could not account. While he claims his trip down Burnley Road should have only taken him 15 minutes, he had been gone for approximately 45–50. He also noticed several other things for which he had no rational explanation; an itchy but painless mark had appeared on his foot, and his boot had been split horizontally on the sole. The next day, he also discovered that three other officers had reported seeing strange lights at the time of Godfrey’s encounter.

Godfrey reported the occurrences as per standard police procedure, despite some ridicule from colleagues. He soon found that the story had been leaked to the press, much to the embarrassment of the department and his family. Godfrey maintains that the department, uncomfortable with his newfound notoriety, pressured him to resign through such tactics as replacing his car with a bicycle. Godfrey no longer works for the Police Service