September, 2013

sergeant-campbellSergeant Campbell entered the Air Force in 1966. In the summer of 1967 he was guarding a B-52 at a SAC AFB in Oklahoma when suddenly, directly over one of the B-52′s, a huge bluish haze appeared. It was in the form of a boomerang wing and was glittery and not solid. It was picked up on radar and seen by numerous people.

texas-ufo-lights-25-september-2013Witness said:
I filmed this on 9-25-2013 at 4:19 am I had seen another UFO earlier in the night around 8-9 pm that one blinked in and out of view and moved very quickly to different spots before rapidly moving out of sight and then I starting seeing this one around 3:20 am and was able to find my camera and film it moved around but stayed around the same area my sister also was able to view it from her apartment in Groves Tx Believe me or not your choice but I know what I seen and this was no plane or star and it was a clear night no clouds at one point during me watching the ufo before I began to film a plane went by it it followed it a ways to the southeast and then came back to where it was before thats when I noticed there was more than one the other one was to the southeast and harder to see and was not able to film they both left at the same time and went to the southeast direction the one I seen earlier that night did not look the same and moved to the west blinking in and out and then moved southwest before I lost sight within a few seconds not a plane I know what they look like this was different.

chapultepec-ensenada-mexico-ufo-6-september-2013Latest UFO sightings – New interesting video footage of a bright UFO light recorded in the night sky above Chapultepec Ensenada, Mexico on 6th September 2013.

Witness said:
While recording the night sky above Chapultepec Ensenada, Mexico on September 6, 2013 I recorded these lights that I did not know what they are.


UFO sightings 2013 – New amazing video footage of multiple UFO lights recorded in the night sky above Ancona, Italy on 23rd September 2013. There was also a very strange sound coming from the sky.

ufo-over-fresno-26-sept-2013Witness said:
It was 2pm on 26th September 2013 a clear windy day. When I recorded a shinny bright object flying very high. First appeared from western direction flying very slow. I was recording with my Sony TRV-103 camera with manual focus and 3x zoom lens attached and 60x zoom. There were many other witnesses so it was difficult to count all of them.

long-branch-new-jersey-ufo-25-sept-2013Latest UFO sightings 2013 – New amazing video footage of multiple UFO lights recorded over Long Branch, New Jersey on 25th September 2013.

huge-metheor-ufo-over-alberta-21-september-2013Witness statement:
Manning, Alberta – On Saturday, September 21, 2013, shortly after 9:30 pm, an RCMP officer on patrol on a dark highway in northern Alberta couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a very bright fireball crossing the sky. The unusual sighting was capture on the officer’s patrol camera which was recording at the time.

The RCMP officer had been patrolling along Highway 35 approximately 20 kilometres north of Manning near the Hawk Hills hamlet.

ufo-religion-surveyTroy Mathew from the market research company Survata conducted a survey on the “belief in extraterrestrial life”. From September 16th – 18th 2013 they interviewed 5,886 online respondents from varying backgrounds and beliefs. In this interview Alejandro Rojas talks with Troy about the survey and the results and the reason for conducting such a poll.

san-antonio-texas-21-sept-2013Latest UFO sightings – New amazing video footage of a triangle – shaped UFO formation recorded in the sky above San Antonio, Texas on 21st September 2013.

Witness said:
U.F.O ORBs captured on videotape high in altitude over San Antonio,Texas. EQUIPMENT: SONY TRV-138 20X900 ZOOM with a 900nm IR Filter. Cluster of UFO ORBs were captured interacting high in altitude over San Antonio Texas…As i was Skywatching using a 900 IR FILTER..I notice a Glowing Orb come into view right above me.So i followed best i could….I notice another Identical orb come into view..I could not believe what i was observing… When zooming in you can see these glowing orbs.As i began to zoom in you can clearly see they were not aircrafts..I was luck to have capture some footage..These objects were traveling in all direction.As they traveled high in altitude they appear to be glowing…I pan back to find a reference point and ended using the edge of the roof..As i began to zoom in you can clearly see these orbs were not aircraft,balloons,birds….They did not seem to reflect the sun’s ray’s,they seemed to emitting some kind of glow.It took me by surprised,I did not expect to witness something.A short time later i saw three more orbs come into view and inter act..So i began filming these other ORBS….In my opinion these glowing Orbs were clearly not aircrafts/ weather-balloons or satellites….

ufo-topicDebra Boice joins host Rick Scouler to discuss her 1994 white light experience while on a boat at Lake Lanier, Georgia. This experience brought on unique personal changes, including an intense and continued desire to draw faces of beings not seen here on earth.

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