July, 2013

best-ufo-videos-2012-mufonAt MUFON’s 2013 annual symposium they handed the press a press release outlining the top 10 UFO cases of 2012 as determined by their newly formed science review board. MUFON’s science review board is headed by their director of research Robert Powell. It consists of scientists with degrees in physics, chemistry, geology and electrical engineering. The board’s work experience includes working with NASA and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and many leading high-tech companies, such as Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman.

Of the 10 cases, one of them is an intriguing UFO video case that took place in Ball Ground, Georgia, a town about 50 miles north of Atlanta. The witness says “We saw a black, bird like shaped object that made no noise along with blinking lights in the sky.”

puerto-rico-ufo-july-2013Latest UFO sightings – New amazing video footage of a bright UFO that flies from the ocean over Puerto Rico on 21st July 2013.

At first it seems as an comet, but after reviewing several times the video it turned out that there are none of signs that a comet leaves while falling. Comets have a long tail with glowing fragments breaking off while flying.

New UFO photo taken over La Jolla, California on 23rd July 2013.

Witness said:
I was having lunch with my wife at the Torrey Pines Glider port and I snapped a few photos of the parasailers with my Fuji X100 camera. A few days later when I downloaded the images onto my computer I noticed a dark smudge in 1 frame of my images. The image was made with a Fuji X100 camera which has a fixed lens and is sealed to outside elements which ruled out dust or dirty sensor. I have no idea what it is but appears to be moving at a high rate of speed and appears to be below the clouds.

netherlands-ufo-sighting-july-2013New interesting video footage of a bright UFO or orb recorded while hovering in the sky over Netherlands on 28th July 2013.

Witness said:
Some people where chilling on the beach suddenly this object appeared. Real ufo sighting at the beach in the Netherlands. 28 july 2013. What is this???

kansas-ufo-sighting-july-27-2013New video footage of UFO fleet recorded while hovering in night sky above  Kansas City, Missouri on 27 July 2013.

Witness said:
Not for sure what they are, but I got several videos of them and pics. Looks like a ufo fleet….!!!?

tucson-ufo-sighting-27th-july-2013Witness said:
My family and I witnessed these strange amber lights in Tucson on our way home from dinner. There were seven or eight of them crossing the sky, some solo, and others in pairs flying very very close together. We know these objects were not far from us because my parents live on the other side of what Tucsonans refer to as “Cat Mountain” so they could not have been too far away at the height they were flying or they would have been obstructed by the mountain.

These object were silent. Living in this part of the country we often hear fighter jets from the Air Force base, but we are used to that and it is always recognizable and very loud. This was not that… Also occasionally we see squadrons of choppers fly in this area fairly low, but they are always very loud as well and have a distinct sound. The objects we saw tonight were silent and moving across the sky very fast. The objects that were paired were flying closer together than I have ever seen any kind of jet or plane fly at that speed, and they never separated or drifted apart from a uniform distance.
They moved from south to north and then one by one or in a pair they vanished never to reappear in pretty much the same place. They did NOT fly out of sight, or go behind any cloud cover. There were no clouds this late in the evening and they never reappeared.

These were not flashing lights, you can see about half way I think in the video after I zoomed in a little bit that there was a plane in the distance with “typical” flashing plane lights and then you could tell the ones we were seeing were larger and not flashing.

Not sure what we were seeing, but I never really believed in this sort of thing until tonight. Glad I had my phone to record.

canada-yukon-ufo-july-2013UFO sightings 2013 – New interesting video footage of a small bright UFO or orb recorded while flying in the night sky above  rural part Yukon, Canada on 19th july 2013.

Witness said:
Lindsay Flynn records bright objects which have appeared for over 6 years stating: Ok, we have seen QUITE a few of of these in the 6 years we have lived here. We r in a rural area and saw these standing out last week and somehow got it on film… Ufodi have this as an actual video’d occurance.

New interesting Crop Circle found and recorded in a cemetery near Friday Harbor, Washington on 27th July 2013.

Witness said:
A crop circle appeared in a quiet cemetery in Friday Harbor Washington and what makes it rare is that it was binded grass curled and hooked at the ends. Visitors attending the park found it fascinating and felt a little bit of fun centering the large circular pattern. This is the first and only crop circle from Friday Harbor and maybe it will become a regular occurance as most patterns appear next to past paterns. Have you say anything strange you would like to report?

oregon-ufo-july-2013New video footage of two bright UFOs or orbs in night sky above Oregon recorded on 25th July 2013.

Witness said:
The object flashes and catches my attention and is moving slow, so decide to start filming. Fortunately it is heading almost overhead to the north, but slightly west of the position on the ground. The night vision portion shows no structure between both objects. Zooming in the HI-8 portion reveals amazing detail. One of the objects is a cluster of of orbs and the other is the airplane type mimic light, yet both are moving silent above with almost 8 minutes of running time.

ecuador-ufo-july-2013New interesting video footage of a round – shaped UFO recorded in daytime sky above Ecuador on 26th July 2013.

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