January, 2013

UFO filmed by a commercial pilot while flying over Costa Rica on 23th January 2013.

In the video it’s possible to see a rapidly moving object below the aircraft. The video was recorded with a cell phone when suddenly the camera screen saw the object moving. When the pilot noticed that the phone was filming he looked out of the aircraft but there was nothing.

The object was estimated that could have a length between 7 and 10 meters. It’s speed could reach 3600 km/h, few times more than the ship from which the footage was taken.

Another video footage of the best UFO sightings made in January 2013.

UFO sightings – An weird object was taken while following a commercial airline. Sudden changed it’s direction and quick travel away. Video taken on 27th January 2013

The team delves into the University of Arizona archives to review the notes of late UFO investigator James E. McDonald and brings to light his research and evidence that has lain dormant since his death in 1971.

The hunters join Out of the Blue filmmaker James Fox on an investigation of an April 21, 2008 mass-sighting report of a triangular craft spotted over the Nevada/Arizona border to as far as Tucson and looks at connections to the “Phoenix Lights” incident of 1997.

The team looks into rumors of the crash site of a flying disk recovered by the military in New Mexico on the same night of the famous Roswell UFO Incident.

The team researches the story of the 1897 Aurora, Texas UFO crash where the townsfolk are rumored to have tossed the ship wreckage down a well and buried the body of the non-human pilot in their local cemetery.

The team investigates an April 16, 2008 Kokomo, Indiana report of a high decibel boom that echoed across the heartland and was supposedly followed by sightings of a fiery object in the night sky.

The hunters reopen famous police cold-cases involving mass UFO sightings such as the 1994 Trumbull County, Ohio and Holland, Michigan sightings and the 2000 Millstadt, Illinois case where 911 dispatchers were flooded with calls and police radio chatter of strange lights moving slowly through the sky.

The team reviews a 2004 Tinley Park, Illinois UFO mass-sighting event where some eyewitnesses claim seeing three separate objects, while others believe it was a single triangular craft over 1500 feet wide.

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