iss-ufo-31-august-2014New amazing video footage of multiple UFO lights recorded in the night sky near ISS on 31st August 2014.

iceland-ufo-28-august-2014New amazing video footage of a bright UFO recorded while flying from Iceland Volcano on 28th August 2014.

Witness said:
Not sure what this is, but it appeared after the eruption started. What could it be?

golden-ufo-near-iss-29-august-2014New amazing video footage of a golden color UFO sighting recorded near ISS on 29th August 2014.

ontario-ufo-sighting-20-august-2014New interesting video footage of a huge UFO sightign over Ontario, Canada on 20th August 2014.

Witness said:
So,we were In Kalemegdan ,when we saw this thing on the sky it looks like a zeppelin/blimp ,but it moved to fast for a zepplin.

ohio-ufo-sighting-21-august-2014New interesting video footage of a dark UFO sighting recorded in the daytime sky above Lakewood, Ohio on  20th of August 2014.

Witness said:
I was returning to work when I spotted so strange, slow moving object in the sky. I pulled out my camera and shot video. There was movement on the object, but no light or exhaust. Silent.

pennsylvania-ufo-25-august-2014Police backed up a UFO sighting caught on VIDEO. It is a well documented case and does merit serious open minds.After responding to a call regarding unusual lights in the sky, police in Lower Paxton Township, Pennsylvania say they also witnessed a UFO.

ABC 27 in Harrisburg reported on a UFO sighting in Lower Paxton Township Monday night. Resident Stephanie Wilkerson says she was enjoying a glass of wine when she spotted a strange light.

She told ABC 27, “I thought it was a plane until I realized it wasn’t moving. I watched it for about 20 minutes and I started noticing it changing colors.”

She called to her husband to come outside and also called a nneighbour She says her neighbour was amazed and got a pair of binoculars to get a closer look. At first the neighbour thought it was a planet, but he says it changed colors, turning yellow, which made him rule that out.


wisconsin-ufo-sighting-august-2014New amazing video footage of a bright triangle – shaped UFO sighting recorded in the night sky above La Crosse, Wisconsin in August 2014.

niagara-falls-canada-26-august-2014New interesting video footage of a bright UFO recorded in the night sky above Niagara Falls, Canada on 26th August 2014.


New interesting video footage of a bright UFO sighting recorded in the daytime sky above Hephzibah, Georgia on 26th August 2014.

Witness said:
My husband and I were standing on our front porch,when I noticed the ball of light. I have seen them many times but normally at night and not having a camera in hand but this time I finally did so I magnified my camera on my Moto x Motorola cell phone by 4.0x to catch it on film. We both were trying to get it on film at the same time but I was able to. This is the first time I have seen them during the day our neighbor has also seen these several times. I always watch the sky here at my house I have a thing for the stars and clouds etc.. So my normal is to look up and see what is above and I seen it just above the clouds facing across the street . It had no FAA lights on and as it passed it was no plane, or anything I can describe as a object that I would be use to seeing living not far from an air port / base .. It wobbled and the light on it changed colors it had a trace tail but nothing I wouldn’t explain away with camera flaring. I watched it for over 2mins as I video-ed it and it finally descended at an angle disappearing behind the trees. We first seen it at 8:26pm est and it disappeared at 8:28pm est.

oregon-ufo-sighting-26-august-2014New amazing video footage of a flashing UFO light recorded over Oregon on 26th August 2014.

Witness said:
The flashes were observed over two nights in the oregon skies. They remain in a general location and sometimes flash brighter or dimmer between 8-10 seconds apart. The object flashes/pulses for over an half-hour and shortly after is no longer visible. This is a strange one indeed and one of my friends just reported seeing the same event. He lives about 7 miles away.

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